The Journey

“Heart on the shelf is a personal favorite of mine cause it speaks on the importance of protecting your heart and energy it’s too often that we give our whole selves to people that don’t value us how we value ourselves.”
– Scottie Kash 

“Yo-Yo is my favorite record because it gives you a taste of West Indian Caribbean culture. It instantly makes you want to move your body and let the stress go. The fun, carefree and sensual energy is good vibes for sure.”
– Hov

“PRLM Vol. 1 meant a lot to me being as it’s the first project I ever dropped as an artist. I’ve been making music for years producing and writing but I always held back on releasing music for one reason or another. My journey with PRLM CHLD has been synonymous with my personal journey. One of the most important things I learned is that my imperfections are a big part of what makes me special!”
– Pride Zu

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