About Us

•Origin: Philadelphia, PA- United States
•Genre(s):Hip-Hop/Rap/Reggae/Rhythm and Blues
•Occupations: Singer, songwriter and producer
•Years Active: 2018 to present

PRLM CHLD [prob-luh m chahyld]: What does it mean to be a “PRLM CHLD”?

A “PRLM CHLD” is a child who is considered difficult. The term is also used as a metaphor for a persistently trying or demanding person, thing, or responsibility. 

Three members hailing from similar backgrounds and equipped with a multitude of diverse talents, powerhouse group, PRLM CHLD is destined for a music industry takeover. Performing music since a child, Pride Zu is the definition of a warrior. Enduring the divorce of his parents, adolescent bad behavior directed him to music. His grandmother brought him a keyboard and his music interests begin developing. Pride Zu joined NSL, a rap group at 17. However, during this time he started singing. John Legend played a major influence over his musical aspirations. Pride Zu begin to play music in church. Eventually, as his musical talents were honed, Pride Zu’s ambitions led him to the famed Apollo Theater. He performed at Apollo’s Amateur Night and

won second place. Soon after, his life became consumed with only music. After graduating from high school, Pride Zu continued his quest for musical breakthrough. Pride Zu auditioned for the popular NBC talent show, The Voice (Season 14). He made it through to the blind audition. At that time producers selected other candidates. However, for Season 15, The Voice producers called and demanded Pride Zu return for auditioning; he respectively declined and pursued the formation of PRLM CHLD. Next up, Scottie Kash is second-generation Jamaican. A rude-boy whose musical aspirations exceeds everything! Scottie Kash started his musical journey in church with praise dancing and stage production. Around ninth grade, Scottie’s parents divorced and he lost his beloved grandmother at same time. He fell back into bad habits and became known as a “problem child.”

To correct bad behavior and avoid future trouble, his mother enrolled him in sports to be counterproductive. After high school and entering college, Scottie started rapping. Several years later, he became an official founder and member of PRLM CHLD. Most recently, Scottie performed in the AC3 Music Festival in Atlanta, GA. Last but not least, a Brooklyn native powerhouse born to super strict Haitian parents, Hovlaine moved to Philadelphia at young age. She became immersed in the creative arts which included dance and music. With the musical influence and encouragement of her older brother, she pursed music further. Hovlaine loved singing and soon discovered her voice. After entering middle school, she started singing and rapping with a friend. Soon after, she learned to record music with her brother’s recording equipment. After high school, she became a highly sought fashion model. After four years, Hovlaine left the outlet. “The life of a model did not feed my soul,” explained Hovlaine. At 18 years old, she was introduced to a music executive. He asked the stunning Haitian born beauty: Do you know how to write songs? Her answer: YES! From that point on she became a songwriter and few years later became an official founder and member of PRLM CHLD

PRLM CHLD has been touted as a new and modern day version of the critically acclaimed and Grammy-Awarded group,“Fugees” Problem Child musical influences include: Jay-Z, Drake, Rick Ross, Future, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliot, Queen Pen, Kanye West, The Notorious B.I.G., Whitney Houston, Rhianna, Toni Braxton, Beyonce, Lauren Hill, Wyclef Jean, Pras, Timberland, Pharrell, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Lil’ Wayne and Miguel. Problem Child is currently recording their debut album with their first single anticipated for release in Winter 2020. Keep your eyes and ears open. The future is going to be quite exciting for PRLM CHLD. Stay tuned!

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